The Fabazaar thing

Fabazaar is the synthesis of two essential elements.


One is the unique fabrication skills that survive in a few artisan bazaars around the world. The other is the contemporary design flair to realise those skills as must-have products. Products that are desirable and fabulous to you, our customers.

It’s a fabulous bazaar synthesis.


Meet Bronwen Baylis, the innovator and much travelled fashion researcher behind Fabazaar. She has always been drawn to the traditional fabrication skills that live on in these artisan communities, and is determined that they are not lost in our over-mechanised age. Sometimes these skills might need some reinterpretation to become products that fit the lifestyle of our own design-savvy customers. 


That is Bronwen’s intuitive talent. Her finger on the pulse of current trends, she finds new angles for exquisite artisan garments and objects. The traditional block printing of Rajasthan can become gorgeous tailored jackets, or maybe flowing summer wear. The phenomenal felting skills of Kathmandu can be nuno-fused with up-cycled sari-silk as luscious shawls, or sculpted into vibrant Chagall-esque vases. The elegant folds of the souks look fabulous in the textural Kantha stitching of the east.


Of course, some traditional skills need no interpretation - who could improve on gorgeous painted Burmese parasols. That’s the Fabazaar thing, knowing perfection when we find it. But if it isn’t quite perfect yet …perfectly wearable or perfectly lifestyle, then the Fabazaar thing is knowing how it can be. 


Enjoy our website - you won’t find this gorgeous range on the high street. And there are always new ideas, new innovations in the fabulous bazaar… so keep in touch wherever you are.


What you are saying:

"Just to let you know, my step-mother loved the scarf so much she burst
into tears. 'Absolutely beautiful and I love the colour, I shall
treasure it forever!' she said." Miranda H

"I wore my reversible coat to a Living Threads exhibition at the end of last year and had so many compliments." Susan G

"Just cant get enough of these gorgeous clothes.  I bought a beautiful silk jacket from last spring's collection which goes with everything and is very flattering to wear -so it has been worn a lot yet still looks as good as new.  Without fail I always get admiring comments whenever I wear it.  Can't wait to see Fabazaar's latest collection!  Thank you for bringing these beautiful clothes to us."  Sarah FC

"I love EVERYTHING about Fabazaar and Bronwen.The lady herself is Patience Itself and nothing is too much trouble. My patchwork quilt is so generous in size and no fading even tho the bedroom is very sunny and my diaphanous, cut work , delicate curtain is wonderful." Sylvia S

"Hi Bronwen, thank you, all received and beautiful:)" Gail C

"Thank you Fabazzar for the lovely goodies I bought from you for my mum - she absolutely loved them." Lin C


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