Felt jewellery

Felt jewellery

Felt jewellery looks good enough to eat. Please don't,  but you will definitely look delicious in it!

Our felt jewellery is individually hand-made by our ladies' co-operative based in Kathmandu.

Clef Felt Necklace

Intermittent silver coloured beads between striking stripey balls. Learn More


Minim necklace

A rainbow of colourful felt baubles to go with any outfit length 37cm   Learn More


Piano Felt Necklace

Brightest graduated felt balls on this lovely necklace. Colours vary. Learn More
£16.50 Sold Out

Piccato Felt Necklace

Totally textured sticks and balls of felt for a sculptural look. Length 40cm. Learn More


Presto Felt Necklace

Pea-sized felt balls doubled over or worn as a single string.   Learn More
£12.50 Sold Out

Tempo necklace

Bright felt balls delicately embellished with tiny beads length 40cm Learn More